10 Places To Visit In Guyana That Are Worth The Trip

10 places to visit in Guyana Guyana is a South America country which is located on the main land and is been bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. George is the capital of this city and just like any other country, Guyana has its attractive places which draws people. This third smallest sovereign in the mainland of South America, brings you 10 places to visit in Guyana.

10. shell beach

Everyone likes going to the beach to get some fresh air and relax. So just like any other country, Guyana has a beach which you can cold the sun burn from your skin. The shell beach is the most famous in this country. Not been in the mood to swim does not mean you cannot visit tis beach. Some persons came here to have a look at the turtle nesting phenomena that occur every year. The perfect time to see this is in late March to late summer. During this period, sea Turtles of all shapes and sizes flock to the shoreline to lay their eggs. You know coming here give you the chance to also see some of the South America’s undeveloped coastline, where the rustic village and bamboo huts pepper the Logons and the sand is fringed with wild stretches of jungle.

9. Parika

Parika is a harbor town in the Coast of Essequibo River with a lot of metal containers huts and streets that transportation is very busy and active. To enjoy this town more, is to not miss checking out the buzzing market when you come to Parika. Sunday is always the best day to pass by because you get to enjoy the most of every moment. This town has amazing resorts which satisfy all your burning desires and when I say satisfy all I mean every word. I have been here before and trust me its food, pool, bars and so much more is very luxurious plus this island resort is in the midst of the Essequibo water. I know you will be wondering how to get to the resort considering the fact that you are a new person. Worry not because you can get a tour guide to take you there with ease. To add, the market here which is very operational on Sundays, any good you want to get is available because the seller go to any extend to get satisfy their buyers. To wrap up the day by having a good night rest, they are good hotels which you will find really comfortable to end your day.

8. Orinduik falls

This falls offers something really unique and different to the country and most visitors who have been here will agree to this without haste. This falls comes from the rocks of Pakaraima Mountains which is close to the Venezuela and west of Guyana. Most visitors who visit this fall get to enjoy more up closed and personal experience swimming in the plunge pool and also hiking the ridges around the site or they either take layers and terraces of rock as they go. The channels of the Ireng River offer up oodles more waterfalls along their course. If you come here and don’t want to swim then you can walk and wander a bit in the wilderness. This place gives you just the beast vibes.

7. Kaieteur national park

I know hearing about the waterfall you will be like you have arrived. But sorry to burst you’re thinking because this national park here is the real deal. This cascading a mind blowing 226 meters down the escarpments of the Pacaramia Mountains. While the biodiversity and untouched virgin woods are real pulls, the piece resistance here is unquestionably. Also, they siparuni region is a vast and expensive, protected areas that rises and falls with the great bulwark ridges of the Guyana tepuis. This national park has so much to offer which has made it a must see. This fall is a real treasure that is hidden in the rainforest. This national park is at last a billion years and the view still remains the same pure and spectacular. They are no fences or protection but it makes the atmosphere more mystical and untouched.

6. Port mourant

This Mount is close to the border of Brazil and it known as the greatest table top mountain in the whole of South America. Look at it from a bigger picture, it’s not just people from different continent came visiting this place because Brazil is just a stone throw away so you can imagine how busy this place can be. The forest can be dangerous in terms of wild animals, poisonous plants and poison animals as well. The roads of the landform are very extreme and can give a hard time even to the most skilled hikers and cyclist. Despite these obstacles, people still consider the risk and climb this mount reasons been that there is just too much beauty within to let the obstacles be an obstacle. This mount is very welcoming and is also a down to earth spot is also a great place to get a Glimpse of Guyana’s agriculture heartland with famer’s market touting fresh fruits straight from the fields.

5. New Amsterdam

Since this town was founded in the mid-18th century, the regional capital of East Berbice Corentyne has flitted from Dutch Masters who held sway over the lowlands plantation. This town is close to the capital Georgetown and is one of the biggest towns in Guyana. There are schools, hospital, port in this town and it should not be strange because it is a big town in fact the biggest at that. Here you can shop or even get a jungle trip in New Amsterdam.

4. Bartica

This place was once known as the gateway to the interior. it was a popular stop off Prospectors and miners making their way to the far flung gold and mineral dig sites that erupted by the bucket loads between the mountain pataro siparuni in the last century. Over the years things have changed as this town is now the bustling features which so much to give especially as their neighbor Brazil as have been benefitting from her for year now.

3. Iwokrama forest

The forest represent one the last remaining swathes of pristinr primeval rainforest on the planet. This forest is famed for its soaring canopies which hits heights of a whopping 30 meters in some section. The forest is in the center of the country and the plants are all connected to each other plus they are everywhere. This is one of the factors that have contributed to make this place so special and visiting worth it. The forest is also home to many animals and species of plants of diverse biological roots. Animals like giant armadillos and howler monkeys can be found here as well. The forest also has a waterfall and mountain stream. Travelers can opt to safari here across the rope bridge and mud tracks from one of the few lodges that now pepper the river channel.

2. linden

This place is the very first version of Guyana’s culture and tradition. This town has a lot of minerals and bauxite. Tourist who came here are very much interested in in seeing and watching birds and various types of monkeys. Linden has a very rich soil, and green forest which harbor various species of animals. This place has also been mining hub with thousands of prospectors and miners making their way to this tropical spot to pull bauxite from the hill that line the Demerara River. Today, the history and development of this mining past is chronicled in the Linden Museum of Socio-Cultural Heritage in the center of town, revealing the evolution of the place from tented outpost in the early 1900s to mechanized industrial center today even if many of the shaft mines have now shut down.

1. Georgetown

This is the capital city of Guyana which was founded in 1781 during colonization period under the Dutch which later on was in the control of French and British. In fact, there’s no question that Georgetown’s golden age came with the height of the colonial powers here, a fact that its name – made in honor of England’s King George III implies. Miners, plantation builders, architects, statesmen and more all flocked to this corner of Demerara-Mahaica to play their part as the city went from Dutch to French to British rule. They are a lot of administration and government buildings, hotels here. This town is most famous for its atmospheric benefits. This town also has an amazing rainforest and fascinating nature reserve. The ports here also serve the town’s economy in country. What is a capital city with no beach? But of course beaches have to be available. The beach here provides gives the city another beautiful view. Thanks for watching this video. If you are new you are welcome and take a minute of your time to like, share and subscribed and even live your notification on so you get notified on our newest updates.

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