A new type of Indian meal: Vegan cuisine

GARLIC BAGGAGE, India — India has one of the most expansive vegetarian markets in the world.

And it has the most innovative and well-organized vegan food stalls, too.

The country has a number of food vendors that sell organic and vegan dishes, but one of its largest has recently emerged as a top-selling vegan option.

It is called ‘Vegan Café,’ and it has opened in the Indian city of Bangalore.

Its main focus is on vegan food.

It has sold more than 1,200 vegan-friendly products so far, including over 100 dishes with a total of 1,500 calories.

The concept is not new.

Many Indian cities and cities in the United States and the United Kingdom have been offering vegans and vegetarians a place to shop for a while.

But the city of Bengaluru, which is located in southern India, is the only Indian city to have its own vegan-friendly market.

The vegan-oriented cafe serves its vegan food at a counter with a sign saying “Vegan Cafe.”

In front of the stall are a few tables filled with the food of the cafe’s customers.

But most of the food on offer is made by the vegan staff.

This is not a restaurant, but a café where you can go to get the vegan food you love.

The café has opened its doors in the heart of Bangalore’s historic center, called Kolkata, and is one of India’s newest vegan restaurants.

This year, the cafe has been a part of a major cultural event, the International Vegan Festival.

The city also hosts a large-scale vegan event called the Vegetarian Festival.

It’s no secret that India has a booming vegan market.

It’s not just the country’s largest market, but also a major one.

According to the International Trade Union Confederation, India has more than 500,000 farmers, with over 100,000 of them selling produce to restaurants and retailers.

Veganism is a growing movement in the country, with the country set to overtake China in 2018.

In 2017, India became the first country to ban the import of meat from the United Arab Emirates, but it did not go as far as banning vegan products.

In fact, the country has been expanding its veg-friendly markets to include vegan products, like dairy products and dairy products from Bangladesh.

In addition to the vegan cafés, there are vegan restaurants and cafes in many other Indian cities.

The most famous of these is the Indian restaurant in the city’s main square called the Bhagat Singh restaurant, which has been serving vegan food for over 100 years.

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