How much do you spend on groceries per year?

Consumers spend an average of $3,400 per year on groceries, according to the American Grocery Council, and many of those purchases are made in the home.

Consumers also are spending more on food at grocery stores than they do at restaurants, with an average retail cost of $7.99 per person per meal, according the Council.

The average cost of a grocery bag is $10.95, and the average cost for a carton of milk is $2.19.

Consumers are also spending more per unit of food than they did before the recession, the Council said.

The Council also noted that many Americans are buying fewer and fewer items each year, and it cited trends that are helping to explain this trend.

The recession did not affect all consumers, said Rachel Linder, director of the Council’s food programs.

Consumers were able to get more value out of their shopping than before the downturn, and that helped push down food prices, Linder said.

“People can’t really keep up with their shopping, but they’re finding more value and more variety in what they’re buying,” she said. 

According to the Council, consumers spend an even larger percentage of their disposable income on groceries than they have in years past.

In 2010, for instance, more than 41% of Americans spent at least $200 on groceries.

By 2014, that figure had dropped to 29%, the report said.

Consumers can still purchase groceries for less, however.

The price of some groceries are rising faster than the cost of doing business, and consumers are still spending more than they were before the Great Recession, the report added.

The report said that some consumer spending is not sustainable.

For example, a family of four could pay less than $200 per year for groceries, and they would still be able to afford food.

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