How much does your family spend on groceries? Here’s what you need to know

Food spending, once considered a luxury, is starting to get cheaper and the federal government is slowly starting to tackle its economic challenges.

So, as the United States grapples with an economic crisis and a growing national debt, how much does everyone spend on food?

The answer is more complicated than you might think.

There are many factors that determine how much people spend on each meal, including how much is actually eaten.

So far, the federal data shows that the average household eats between $6.65 and $8.25 a day.

That means that, on average, people spend between $10 and $15 on food each day.

That figure varies by age, race and ethnicity, income, education level and household size.

But it is mostly the same: The average American spends more than $7.50 on each food purchase, with most of that money going toward a typical meal at a fast-food restaurant.

For those who want to eat well, the food in their home often has to be prepared and prepared well, which is why it is generally better to have a variety of options available to make your choices as a family.

For example, if your family prefers burgers to sandwiches, you can always make burgers at home or at the restaurant.

If you are a vegetarian, the best thing to do is choose a healthy, filling vegetarian dish like spaghetti squash or veggie burgers, which have a higher protein and low fat content than meats.

Some food items are more expensive, like meaty entrees, such as chicken breasts or pork loin, which are often more expensive than chicken or pork cuts.

So if you can afford the higher prices, it may be worth it to go for a hearty steak dinner, such that your family will eat the entire thing in one sitting.

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