How royals are celebrating the royal gourmet cookbook’s 100th edition

The royals have been giving away their gourmet cooking app for free for years, but now they’re taking the next step to give away the book itself.

Royal Chef’s 100 is out today and the Royal Family are donating all proceeds from the book to charity.

“I was a bit surprised that the Royal family would give away all proceeds of the book, but I am happy that we are giving them away, especially since they are the ones that will get it, as it is,” said Kate Hudson, the cookbook author.

“We have to make it clear to people that it is the Royal and they are not going to just hand it over to whoever is in charge.”

Hudson has been working with her husband, Prince Charles, to help raise funds for the Royal Gourmet Food Institute, which has been making food to help people with chronic illnesses.

The institute makes food to feed people with arthritis, cancer, HIV and diabetes, and the authors say the book is a perfect fit for the royal family.

“It has a lot of information about what people can do with gourmet cuisine, including a lot about how to cook them,” Hudson said.

“It’s very educational, and it’s really interesting to know what makes this food taste good, and how to prepare it.”

The royals will be giving away all of the proceeds from sale of the royal cookbook, which is available to purchase for $19.99 on Amazon.

The royal gaudy cooking app was created in 2007, and Hudson said the book helped people make healthier food choices.

“The Royal family’s food tastes fantastic, and we’ve always enjoyed learning about how our food is made,” she said.

“When you cook a meal for a family, you have a meal that is so much richer for it.”

Hurdens’ family also makes gourmet pasta, chicken nuggets and beef patties, and is making a royal cheese dish.

Hudkins said the Royal Food Institute is working on making more food to aid people with health conditions.

“They’ve really been working on developing the recipes for people with conditions, so the Royal chefs are very excited about this,” she added.

“They’ve been cooking with a lot more care and attention to detail.”

Hudsons mother and the cook book author will be speaking about her book on Tuesday at the Royal Society in London, and other royals, celebrities and royals’ wives will be on hand to give their own cookbook talks.

You can follow all the latest food news at ABC News (AU).

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