How to find the best tambellinis in Melbourne

Tambellinas, a Italian dessert dessert made with chocolate milk, have been popular in Melbourne since the 1920s, and now make up about 20% of all tambelini shops.

There are two main varieties, the classic Italian style, which is sweetened with lemon juice, and the more fizzy gourmet style, with sugar, chocolate and lemon juice added.

The former is usually sold in a more ornate glass container with the other half hanging on the wall.

This type of dessert is usually served with fresh fruit, and is usually accompanied by an ice cream cone.

If you’re in the city and need a quick dessert to pass the time, this is your go-to.

The two flavours are popular in the north, but can be found in Victoria and some suburbs as well.

There’s also the “gourmet” tambella style, made with the same ingredients but with different garnishes, usually topped with fruit and a whipped cream.

It’s similar to the classic gourmet tambells, but has been around for decades.

There is a lot more tambelleas to be had in Melbourne, and it’s a popular nightlife spot, but not always cheap.

We have a guide to the best gourmet restaurants in Melbourne.

Photo: Supplied/Melbourne Foodie.

Read more: We’ve compiled a guide of the best and most expensive restaurants in the CBD.

Find out more about the best Melbourne food in Melbourne and see where to find it in our guide to Melbourne’s best restaurants.


Tambelleasty: Tambella with sweetened cream (also called tambliere) $21.50, a bit pricey if you’re buying a lot of it 2.

Chutney: A simple but tasty dish with butter and sugar, with a creamy filling $15.50 3.

Tiramisu: A creamy tangerine pudding topped with a vanilla custard, topped with whipped cream and topped with jam $18.50 4.

Chanterelle: A dessert with cream, whipped cream, jam and whipped cream on a brioche bun $16.50 5.

Churros: A thick, soft, sweetened, and crunchy cake $16 6.

Tarte Tatin: A chocolate tarte tatin with chocolate frosting $17.50 7.

Chai latte: A rich, light and slightly sweet drink $17 8.

The Mango: A milky sweet drink with a mango flavour $18 9.

Chardonnay: A very light and fruity wine with notes of peach, apricot and lemon $20.50 10.

Gorgonzola: A refreshing wine with lots of chocolate and honey $20 11.

Pâté de foie gras: A delicious French cheese with crispy strips of pork $22.50 12.

Dessert at the cafe: A traditional dessert, made from cream, white chocolate, cream cheese and whipped egg $25.50 13.

Tirafina: A classic Italian dessert, with egg and vanilla ice cream $25 14.

Spiced tarte, chocolate, and cream tart with fresh fruits and fruit juices $27.50 15.

The chocolate version: A sweet and creamy dessert with chocolate and whipped topping $28.50 16.

Macchiato: A French chocolate cake, with whipped frosting and chocolate frostings $29.50 17.

Chocolate tarte: A delicate chocolate cake topped with cream cheese frosting, topped by whipped cream $30.50 18.

Macarons: A gorgeous, buttery, and chocolate dessert with pistachios, chocolate fudge and chocolate sauce $33.50 19.

Chocchipolata: A macaroon with chocolate icing, topped off with whipped topping and chocolate icing $35.50 20.

Cholito: A smooth, creamy, and light chocolate mousse with a little whipped cream for dipping $36.50 21.

Macarena: A mousse made from macaron shells, topped in cream and whipped frostings, topped up with whipped whipped cream (if you don’t like cream) $37.50 22.

Spaghetti-bolognese: A spiced pasta with meatballs and cheese, topped on a bolognesa sauce $37 23.

Spicy bologna: Spicy meatballs with pepper sauce, peppers and black olives $39.50 24.

Chorizo with mushroom and chorizo sauce: An easy and delicious Mexican dish with mushroom, onions and chorsizo sauce $40 25.

Spam and sausage sandwiches: Spaghetti and meatballs on bread, topped over homemade tomato sauce and served with fries $42.50 26.

Cheesecake: A decadent dessert made from a cheesecake base with whipped filling $45.50 27.

Fritters: A doughnut

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