How to give your kid the best gift for birthday or anniversary

Gourmet food store Nan’s has teamed up with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to offer an exclusive gift of Nan’s gummy bears.

The ABC’s ‘Gourmet Gift Box’ was created to give children a chance to get their hands on the brand’s latest products, which feature the flavours of the Nan’s family.

“We’ve done a lot of research on the Nan family,” Nan’s chief executive officer and co-founder John Scott told ABC’s Today program.

“And we’ve also done a bit of testing and we’ve looked at the flavour profiles of some of the flavours, and we know that kids love the flavours.”

He said Nan’s is committed to making sure children of all ages get a good experience at the store, which has been recognised by the Australian Foundation for Food Research as one of Australia’s most innovative food retailers.

“So we’re really proud of the collaboration with ABC,” he said.

“This is one of the best brands we’ve ever had in the company and we’re so happy to have it with us at Nan’s, because we know what kids love.”‘

We think Nan’s have got a fantastic reputation for their gummy bear range’The Nan’s brand, with its flavours including blueberry and chocolate, has been in the news recently following reports of children suffering from autism spectrum disorders and obesity.

“When we launched our first range of gummy treats, we thought there would be a little bit of an outcry, because they were made with the colours blueberry, chocolate and blue,” Mr Scott said.

But after the initial uproar, he said he was pleased to hear the children were responding to the new flavour offerings.

“There’s no denying the gummy, which is great for kids, and it’s a wonderful experience,” he explained.

“Kids love to eat them and they’re really great for getting their daily vitamin, for getting that perfect morning treat, and they also get that little bit more kick out of the gummies.”

Nan’s gummies are available in the US, UK and Australia, but the Australian company is currently launching a US range.

The company said the US version of its products would be available this week.

“I think that’s a fantastic opportunity for us to expand our offerings,” Mr Nelson said.


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