How to make a simple Indian restaurant from scratch

I first tried to make an Indian restaurant at the age of 16 when I was invited to a family gathering.

I loved the food, I loved what they were cooking, and I loved being a part of it.

The only thing missing was a proper kitchen, so I started a blog to share my recipes and share what I had learned.

I was lucky enough to find an Indian food blog on Facebook called Indian Deli, which was great.

I quickly learned that there was a need for a blog for Indian food bloggers and I decided to make my own.

In the following years, I made my own Indian food blogs, published recipes and made my living from it.

In 2018, I created a blog called Food for Indian Food which is one of the largest Indian food blogging sites in the world.

The success of the site has grown beyond what I ever imagined, and now it has over 3 million followers and is regularly featured in various magazines and newspapers. 

Lazar Gourmet Food is an authentic Indian restaurant in Luton. 

The decor is classic Indian decor, with traditional Indian plates and dishes, with a traditional Indian menu. 

You can expect a great selection of Indian food including dishes from all over the world, with Indian flair. 

 I like to keep my recipes simple and my recipes are simple and easy to follow.

I think that simple, easy to cook food is very important, so my recipes always keep it simple and simple. 

My recipes are usually inspired by Indian food traditions, but they are always original, so they can be enjoyed by anyone. 

What makes this Indian restaurant special?

Lazar Greeters is the perfect place for a family to meet for dinner, a party or just to get together. 

This restaurant is a real gem. 

It is also a great spot to enjoy a good cup of tea with friends, so you can relax, chat with people or even make a date. 

We are always looking for new and exciting Indian food recipes, so please contact me for more ideas. 

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more Indian food.

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