How to make your own sushi rolls from scratch

New Zealanders are increasingly opting for traditional Japanese cuisine, and that trend could soon spread to Australia.

Gourmet sushi rolls are making a comeback in Australia, and sushi is the mainstay of many local cuisine menus.

Gawker Media reports that Australia’s first sushi roll is being sold on the shelves of major supermarkets like Woolworths, Sainsbury’s and Aldi, as well as restaurants like The Kitchen at The Beach in Melbourne.

While it’s not the first sushi restaurant to be made with sushi, the popularity of the roll has caught the eye of the Australian government, which has issued a formal request to the industry to start producing more sushi rolls.

“Australians are increasingly choosing traditional Japanese food over fast-food sushi as they become more conscious of what they eat and how they prepare it,” said a statement from the Australian Food and Wine Institute (AFWI).

The institute’s director, Rob O’Connor, told the ABC that sushi rolls were one of the top choices of people on the island of Tasmania.

“There’s a growing appetite in Tasmania for a more traditional Japanese dish.

People are not eating the fast food sushi anymore, they’re eating sushi as a way to enjoy traditional Japanese dishes.”

Australians spend about $1.3 billion a year on sushi, which can be eaten in many ways.

Some sushi rolls include rice and meat, while others are filled with fish, seafood, vegetables and noodles.

Australian sushi rolls can be prepared by any of a variety of methods.

A sushi roll made with chicken, tofu, mushrooms, shrimp and sashimi may be served in traditional Japanese style, but is usually made from a mixture of ingredients from across the globe.

A roll made of sushi rice and sardines can be made from fish, vegetable and vegetables.

A roll made from sushi meat and tofu may also contain fish, vegetables, shrimp, sashims and vegetables and shrimp or sashim sauce.

Other traditional sushi rolls that are being made include rice, sesame seed, pork, fish and vegetables, while a roll made out of sushi pork and beef may be filled with rice and rice, chicken and fish.

Sushi rolls are made from ingredients like sesame seeds, sardine, fish, pork and vegetable.

Sashimi rolls are also a popular choice for Australians.

Sake sushi rolls have been popular in Japan since at least the mid-1990s.

Sakura sushi is a popular dish in Japan.

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