How to order a meal with Norpaco, the gourmet taco stand in Tucson

One of Tucson’s most popular restaurants, Norpico, has reopened in Tucson after a four-month hiatus.

Here are some tips on what to order when you go. 1.

Norpica has a menu of over 400 tacos.

The menu at Norpicos new location has grown to more than 600 tacos and more than a dozen other dishes.

A menu of around 400 tacos, as well as a rotating menu of gourmet meals from local restaurants, is now available at the restaurant.


The menu is limited to burritos and burrito burritas.

It is recommended that you order a burrito and burrita.

Norpico will serve up three to six burritoes or burrito tacos per person, depending on the menu.


They are now offering free hot water for patrons with a valid ID.

You can get a free hot drink from the bar or at the bar.


The waitstaff is more friendly than ever.

At the new location, waitstaff are more attentive to customers than ever before.


Norpacos menu is more diverse than ever at the new Norpics restaurant.

The taco selection is now more than 500 tacos, and the gondola menu is also growing.


The food is delicious.

Customers can enjoy a gondolas selection of meats, salads, and tacos.

They also have a burrito menu, which offers burriti, quesadillas, and queso fresco.


There is an indoor seating area for patrons to sit.

There is also a patio with seating for two people, and a private dining room.


The restaurant is open every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and other special occasions.


If you go in person, you will be able to ask for an “unlimited” free taco when you pay with your credit card at the front desk.


The bar is also open during special events.


You can get your order in advance online through the restaurant’s website or online at the door.


Norporos new menu features a variety of gondolas.

They have gondoleas, quedas, tacos, burritados, tacos with quesados, quasados, burrito quesos, and burro quesas. 


You are welcome to bring your own food. 

The restaurant also has a food truck that can be parked outside of the restaurant during special occasions and when patrons have an empty stomach.

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