Roland Gourmet Foods CEO resigns over the CEO’s sexual harassment allegations

Roland Gambetta, the CEO of Spicewoot, has resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Gambetta resigned from the company today. 

The news was first reported by TechCrunch. 

Gambetta, who is the co-founder of the brand, has worked at Spicewsood since its founding in 2008. 

“I’m so sorry for what happened.

I’m so ashamed,” said Gambetta in a statement.

“The company has been and will remain a place of trust and respect and I’ll be forever grateful for the people who have supported us, both in terms of people who helped us grow and grow and to those who are now the founders of Spicewood. 

While we are sorry for the loss of trust, we are confident in the future and that we can rebuild and be successful in the marketplace. 

As we’ve always said, we will not be silenced and I hope that by standing up for ourselves, others, and our brand, that we will be able to move forward and make a lasting difference.” 

Gamboa has been CEO of the Spiceworld company since 2007, and took over as the CEO in 2015. 

In a statement, Spiceworks CEO Robert Gambetta said, “We are incredibly proud of Robert’s incredible leadership and vision for the company.

He has been an integral part of the company for almost 10 years, and we have had the privilege to work with him in his many roles at Spiceware, from founding the brand in 2008 to being named a senior executive in 2013. 

Today we will miss him and the company, but we are grateful to his many partners, advisors, friends, and colleagues for their unwavering support. 

I’m proud of his leadership and the commitment he has shown to the Spicespot brand.

We’re grateful for all the hard work he has put in over the past decade and will be truly blessed to work alongside him in the coming years.” 

A statement from Spiceways spokesperson Emily Gadd says, “Spicewoots leadership team will continue to serve as the driving force behind Spicers innovation and vision.

Our CEO and his team have always been committed to transparency and the growth of our brand. 

Spiceworks is committed to being the premier source of quality food, including in the culinary community, and the decision to remove our CEO and the entire Spices leadership team was not a reflection of our commitment to being a place where our customers trust and want to share with us.” 

As part of today’s announcement, Spices new owner Spiciewood announced it would donate $10 million to charity over the next four years. 

Earlier today, Spicy Gourmet announced it was giving away $100,000 to charity. 

According to TechCrunch, Gambetta was fired from the SpicyGourmet brand in March.

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