‘Viktoria’ restaurant, gourmet frozen food coming to Montgomery

The family-owned restaurant called “Viktori’s” is set to open at the Montgomery gourmet Food Mart, and the menu will include “frozen frozen foods” and “fresh frozen foods”.

The Montgomery grafton is already serving some of its own creations in its restaurants.

“The store is one of our favorites in the city and I’m so excited to open it here at the gourmet store,” said Viktoria, who is a daughter of Nikita and Anna.

Viktora and her husband, Nikita, opened Viktori’s at the old Montgomery grocery store in December of 2014.

It was one of many restaurants that they opened up over the years.

“We opened up this little little place that we call Viktarias’ in our hometown, Montgomery, and we started this business because of that, but we started doing it on our own,” Viktorie said.

“Our kids are really talented cooks, so we just wanted to have some fun, have some meals that were delicious and be a little family-friendly,” she said.

The couple is bringing the same quality food to the Montgomery store, and Viktories family has worked to make it as close to the old food store feel as possible.

The new restaurant will be the family’s second, and will be a family-run business, Viktorias said.

Viktorias will also be providing the same food that they are serving now to customers in the Montgomery area, and customers can expect to see it on their menu as well.

“It’s our way of giving back to the community,” Viktoria said.

They have been serving food to Montgomery residents for more than 30 years.

The food is usually available in the gondola area of Montgomery, but Viktia said they also have the food available at other restaurants, too.

Viktunas food truck has been in Montgomery for a couple of years now, serving a wide variety of food, but their focus is on catering to local families.

“I think it’s been an amazing experience so far,” Vikturias said, “but I’m looking forward to making the best of it and growing the business even more.”

Viktoris new restaurant is scheduled to open in late fall or early winter.

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